Diving Canarias is a center that we put together after many years of working in different dive centers around the globe.


Diving Canarias is located in Radazul, around ten kilometers from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in an optimal location in front of the beach, few meters from the shore and next to the nautical club. We chose that location because it offers the best combination between easy access to the sea, good climate conditions all year long and, what we love most, depth

Our educational offer covers all levels, from beginners to professionals. We have an amazing instruction team characterized by its experience, professionalism and simpathy that offers a personalized and quality teaching, putting the focus on the student needs, safety and fun.

We are eager to adapt to your preferences, technical diving, rebreather or any other innovation that allow us to take diving to the next level; without scorning the traditional open circuit diving, of course.

Ready to visit the Tenerife’s beautiful marine landscapes?

Come and have a look!


•Dive Rib

•SUEX Scooter’s (diver propulsion vehicles)

•Equipment Rental

•Air Filling Station

•Nitrox & Trimix Filling Station (up to 100% O2)

•Technical Dive Gear Rental; stage tanks, O2 regulators, wings, back plates, Evolution CCR, etc…

•Hot Showers

•Equipment Storage

•Rebreather Friendly: scrubber fills / O2 fills / diluent fills

•Full Face Mask Rental

•Equipment Repair/ Maintenance

•Fully Equipped Classroom

•Dive Shop (small stock)

•Sea Kayak Hire

We also offer daily Hotel Pickups, special group rates and Apartment/Rural Lodge Rentals.

Come whenever you like, we have sun and sea 365 days a year!!!!

Opening hours:

10:00-13:30 / 15:30-19:30
10:00-13:30 / 15:30-19:30
10:00-13:30 / 15:30-19:30
10:00-13:30 / 15:30-19:30

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