NO MORE LIMITS… This is it, the last course you can take on Open Circuit, after this, only you decide the limits!!!!


NO MORE LIMITS………. This is it, the last course you can take on Open Circuit, after this, only you decide the limits!!!! You trainig dives will take you down to 100 meters depth!!!!! This is for the underwater explorer who needs to go there, see what others cant, discover what no one else has!

Course Outline:


Academic Portion : Home study followed by in-class review and a final exam

Equipment Configuration: Hands on session of how and why we use a certain configuration instead of another

Skills Sessions : Time to learn the skills and tequniques needed to use all the technical equipment and how to react in diving emergencies

Training Dives: (6) Now is when the FUN begins. We will make a mínimum of 6 training dives up to 100 meters, with actual staged decompression stops, no time limit, and all the decompression gases you want up to 100 % O2, mínimum two gas switches and Hypoxic Trimix as Back Gas.

350€ / pers.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Prerequisite: none

• SSI Science of Diving, Deep, Nitrox and Diver

• Stress & Rescue certifications or equivalents

• SSI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent

• Certification in SSI Extended Range

• OR

• An SSI TXR Cave Diving


• An SSI TXR Technical Wreck Diving or equivalent.

• 100 logged dives. The dives must include at least

• 30 dives deeper than 30m/90ft, 10 dives deeper

• than 50m/165ft and 20 dives requiring multiple

• staged decompression stops and at least 2 gas

• switches.

Technical Extended Range Total Diving System:

• Two complete Air Delivery Systems one with approx. 210cm/7ft hose the other with a standard length hose with a neck retainer

• One set of double cylinders with an isolation manifold

• One back plate, harness and wing with appropriate lift for the dive

• Stage cylinder(s) and regulator(s) with SPG(s) attached as defined by training program


• Two Integrated Digital Depth and Timing devices

• Appropriate Environmental Protection

• Two Masks and a pair of Fins

• Two Cutting devices

• Signaling device for surface (whistle)

• Two Signaling devices for deploying from underwater (RED & YELLOW Surface Marker Bouy)


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