Teach the specialty that you like the most; deep, nitrox, navigation, photography, shark, wreck, etc.


SPECIALIZE!!!! Teach what you like most, specialty dives. Set yourself apart from the rest, teach the aspects of diving you like the most; deep, nitrox, navigation, photography, shark, wreck, etc.

Specialty Instructor Courses will teach you how to use the Specific Instructor Outline for that course, take the student exam and make the dives (if required) for that specialty.

Depent of the speciality / pers.
  • Duration: 1 to 2 days
  • Prerequisite: yes

• To be certified and renewed RAID Instructor.

• To submit the appropriate minimum logged hours as required and/or as detailed

Ale…Owner and Tec.Instructor….He has done everything from editting adds for the television to filming turtles in Cape Verde. His love of the sea has kept him in the diving world for years and he is now the main CCR instructor and addict to long deep dives in the dive center.

Nathalie… Owner, Instructor Trainer and Tec.Instrcutor….she is also a depth  addict….been diving since she was tall enough to get a tank on.  Her life is the sea……….and what lives  below it!

Academic Portion : Home study followed by in-class review and a final exam Equipment Configuration: Hands on session of how and why we use a certain configuration instead of another Skills Sessions : Time to learn the skills and tequniques needed to use all the technical equipment and how to react in diving emergencies Training Dives: (6) Now is when the FUN begins. We will make a mínimum of 6 training dives up to 100 meters, with actual staged decompression stops, no time limit, and all the decompression gases you want up to 100 % O2, mínimum two gas switches and Hypoxic Trimix as Back Gas. .


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